GejoSoft FAQ


Do you offer a trial license?
We currently do not offer a trial license for our software at the moment.

Is there a discount for multiple software purchase?
Yes we do offer discount for 2 or more license purchase. Please contact us and let us know how many licenses you need for your websites so that we will be able to work out the discount for you.

What happens after the free 1st year updates?
Each purchase comes with free software updates and downloads for 1 year. The cost for annual updates will be $70

What are the server requirements?
Please click here for the full list of server requirements

How soon can I download the software?
As soon as your payment is processed and verified, you will be able to gain instant access to download the package online.

How fast is the response from your support team?
Usually within 1-2 hours for sales and general enquires. Technical support will be responded usually within 24 hours (1 business day) or less.

Do you provide the full source codes?
GejoSoft provides 100% source code of our software so you can make any changes you need both the layout design and functionality

Do you provide script installation and what is the cost?
GejoSoft provides professional script installation for our software (does not include server modules setup) for a fee of $50 per setup. We also provide the setup documentation if you prefer to do the setup by yourself on your server.

How long does the script installation take?
Script installation will typically take about 1-2 business days (we will inform customers if there are any delays due to public holidays or sudden increase in script installation requests).

How easily can I customize GejoSoft look and feel?
GejoSoft is fully template driven which means you can edit all the pages using HTML and CSS.

Does Gejosoft supoprts multi-language?
Yes, you will be able to deploy our software on your site offering multi-language. We include English, French and Polish language pack with our software. More languages will be included in future.

What is your refund policy?
We provide refunds ONLY if GejoSoft cannot be properly installed on your server. This means that both customer and our setup team are unable to install the GejoSoft software. Refund is NOT provided if your server does not meet the server requirements or unable to setup the server modules.

Does the single license purchase includes brand free?
GejoSoft software is 100% brandable and you are free to remove our copyright notice without paying an extra fee for it.

Am I able to run GejoSoft software on share hosting?
GejoSoft software is not design for running on shared hosting and we do not recommend customers to run on share hosting unless they are running a small user-base (~100) and the server host meets the server requirements.

What types of server can I run GejoSoft software on?
We recommend running our software on VPS, Semi-dedicated or a dedicated server for optimum performance.

GejoSoft Benefits

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Run your photo sharing social network like Flickr

100% PHP source codes

Software Rebranding Included

Professional Installation

Customization Service

Instant Download

Hosting Discounts

Includes Support and Software updates

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Feb 20th, 2010

Release of GejoSoft v1.12. New features and Openid plugin


May 15th, 2009

Release of GejoSoft Geo-Tagging plugin


Feb 20th, 2009

Release of GejoSoft v1.10


Oct 05th, 2008

Release of GejoSoft community software - image hosting script meets social networking. GejoSoft not only allows your users to host images but also share photos within a social network.